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"Charlotte is a gifted, authentic, medicine woman. She provides a genuinely safe, open, loving space for others to get to know themselves in a way that supports deep inner growth. This space has allowed me to find a stronger sense of courage, self-love, self-acceptance, and healing. It has strengthened my understanding of my voice as a vibrational healing tool that is necessary to find balance and connection with who we are and what we are here to accomplish. She has an innate sense of this knowing within herself and shares this sense in connection with others. Working with her is way more than what one might think of when seeking “singing lessons.” It is an opportunity to know yourself on a much more intimate level, to meet the parts of self that are seeking a voice, and to heal from patterns that no longer serve your higher purpose. I highly recommend including Charlotte as a mentor and guide on your healing journey."

-Emma S.

"Charlotte is immensely talented, gifted, and effective as a sound and energy healer!  She combines her artistry as a world class musician to heal, remove blocks, and uplift her clients.  While many energy and sound healers can also offer healing, I highly recommend Charlotte for her multifaceted gifts that she intertwines into all aspects of healing.  It was a truly remarkable experience!"

 - Shelley M. 

"Working with Charlotte for “surrender singing” was incredible. She created such a warm and inviting space for us to share our voices and creativity with no judgement. I love how she balanced group input and co creation with confident leadership. She always did what was best for the group with so much grace and professionalism. On top of that, Charlotte is a trained musician, so not only was it a playful space, but she provided insight on musical language and gave clear improvised examples for every activity she invited us to try. I am amazed by charlottes ability to hold authentic space and it was clear that this work runs deep in her veins. I left this space with so much energy, a deeper sense of trust with my voice, and excitement to try out the techniques I learned on my own time. Thank you Charlotte !!"

-Sophia D. 

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