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Concert Rituals

What is a Concert Ritual?


Concert Rituals combine the best elements of live concerts - high-quality performance and an immersive experience of art - with the communal and intentional aspects of ritual practice. 

Music is our collective exploration of the human soul. In Concert Rituals, the lines between performer and audience are blurred in order to bring us closer to an experience of collective consciousness. In this container, we are safer to explore our unique creative expression as an offering to the world we want to create together. 

Concert Rituals is a fluid concept that combines elements of ceremony, embodiment, meditation, and improvisation, supported by musical and poetic offerings from different traditions and genres. The experience calls into question the fixed roles of "creator" versus "consumer" and offers the chance to weave our life forces together in service of greater healing. 

Contact me to discuss booking or collaborating on a Concert Ritual.

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