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Current Performing Ensembles

Collaborative projects include:

Tender Spot - queerdo witch punk band/coven of cosmic eyeballs, fissure cats and muse incarnates. 

Murray Eyeball - Lead Vocals

Thomas Matherly - Bass, Vocals

Charlotte Malin - Violin, Vocals

Crisco - Drumset

Follow us on IG: @tender_spot

Konvergenz is a spontaneous collision of diverse world dance music, brought to life through pure improvisation and a vision to inspire the harmonious evolution of consciousness.

Nash Atkins - Guitars

Marie Ennui - Vocals

Charlotte Malin - Viola, Violin, Vocals

Thomas Matherly - Bass

Ariana Zucker - Vocals

Nick James Tornatore - Guitar, Vocals

Glenn Smith - Percussion, Vocals

New projects in the works in Western MA:

Classical/folk string quartet with violinists Sarah-Hadley Yakir, Sasha Yakub and cellist McKinley James

Strings&Vox/Percussion duo with Daniel Weininger

Handpan, Guitar, and Violin/Viola/Voice trio with Sean Patrick Maher and Levi Gershkowitz

Recordings & Videos coming soon!

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