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  • Do you seek alignment with your inner knowing in order to come into your full potential as a creative musician?

  • Have you been harmed by cultural conditioning and unconscious patterns of tension and stress? 

  • Are you seeking to heal your relationship with perfectionism and access more play?​

  • Do you wish to find your unique creative voice and liberate your true expression? 

find ease and joy with an integrated approach to musical development

  • Holistic Integration and Wellness for Musicians

  • Violin and Viola lessons 

  • The Art and Spiritual Practice of Improvisation

  • Vocal Activation and Liberation

  • and more! 

I specialize in helping curious and conscious musicians realize their unique gifts and activate their full potential. My work is available as individual coaching or group workshops. 

If you're ready to heal your relationship with music-making and access more creative freedom, I want to hear from you! 

vocal activation + liberation:

art & spiritual practice of improvisation: 

The practice of stepping into the unknown to create music takes courage and vulnerability. I teach and practice improvisation as a spiritual path to the Now,  the Self and the One. 

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