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About me

I’m Charlotte – a performer, teacher, and healer guiding people into direct, communal, and transformational encounters with music. My artistic identities include violinist & violist, improviser, songwriter, group facilitator, dancer, priestess, and healer.  I’m passionate about bringing audiences, clients, and students into aliveness, authenticity, and attunement through music and awareness practices.


I live in Western MA and am devoted to building a rooted community that embraces new culture and sustainability. I co-curate a community hub for embodiment, arts, and spirituality in Florence MA called The Hidden Temple, and teach viola at Amherst College. 

My life is an ongoing journey toward healing and wholeing. In my early years, I struggled with perfectionism, over-achieving, people-pleasing, and disordered eating. In my early 20s, I experienced a spiritual awakening and started to reconnect to myself through yoga, meditation, and qigong. Eventually, I embraced dance and connected with the worldwide Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improvisation communities. These encounters led to profound experiences of spiritual and personal healing and awakening. I began to see that I have the soul of a seeker and a visionary, looking beyond the traditional culture. I am committed to helping others experience the liberation, joy, and fulfillment that I now experience in my musical and personal life. 

As a classically trained violin and viola player, I hold cum laude performance degrees from New England Conservatory and Northwestern University. I have collaborated closely with luminaries of the classical world including Yo-Yo Ma, Midori, Kim Kashkashian, and have performed extensively throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. Additionally, I have held positions as Principal Viola of the Hudson Valley Philharmonic, in the Hartford Symphony, the Albany Symphony, and the Sarasota Opera Orchestra.  

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