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classic music . new culture

conscious + connective concerts 

 an encounter with the living spirit of music through meditation, inspiring conversations, body freedom, and co-creation



songs for healing + wholeing

live looping improv

instrumental compositions

Music to accompany your journey through this precious life, embracing all of our humanness and all of our divinity. 


Now/Hear concerts give audiences the opportunity to experience the magic of live classical music in a relaxed atmosphere that is connective, collaborative, and liberated. 

A live classical music performance is an incredible opportunity to encounter emotionally powerful music, skillful artistry, and a like-minded community in one place.


The traditional concert model dating from the late 19th C maintains Western culture’s tendency to privilege the mind over the body and heart. Rigid expectations of behavior on both sides of the stage can enhance a feeling of separation and limit possibilities for generative connection and authenticity. 


Now/Hear re-centers the elements of the communal musical experience that have nourished people for centuries - togetherness, aliveness, and direct encounter with the mystery of the Muse. 


Original Music + Songs

For Healing and Wholeing

Original Songs
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